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Hi Guys,

Thanks for taking the time to check our program.

Kody Media is an established Contextual advertising agency based out of New York.

for the last 14 years, We have helped SMB's reach their goals by matching their needs with the needs of the average web user.

How do we do that?

Besides the regular venues of advertising, we encourage people like yourself to join a unique and ground breaking program we run.

Our logic is this, you as a user get to be exposed to a huge amount of ads, promotions, incentives and offers, they all amount to HUGE Money spent in venues like GOOGLE/BING/FACEBOOK/TWITTER etc. 

Here is the thing, instead of them earning money we transfer some of their earning to you the user.

We call it the " WIN WIN SCHEME " Businesses get exposure / you get money to be exposed.

All you need to do is select the topic that interests you we will send the relevant offers we run on our network. you act according to the instructions we provide and get paid for it - SIMPLE AS THAT!

What can you do ?

  • Get paid to Signup to free offers.

  • Get paid to click ADS which interest you.

  • Get paid to buy Things which you need.

  • Get paid to share offers.

  • Get paid to read News.

  • Get paid to Post on sites.

  • Get paid to comment on blogs.


These are the subjects you can choose from:

How much money can you make?

The answer to that is simple - AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!

No limits, no restrictions, just follow our instructions and get paid.

Let see as an example :

  • Signups gets you 5 to 30 cents per signup.

  • Clicking ads would get you 1 to 3 cents per click.

  • Buying things would get you up to $1500 per

       buy (yes even if it's higher than the cost of buying).

  • Sharing offers would get you 1 to 3 cents per share.

  • Reading news would get you 1 to 3 cents per view.

  • Posting on sites would be 1 to 50 cents per post.

  • Commenting would be 1 to 50 cents per comment.

So in total you can get thousands of dollars for doing exactly what you do on a regular basis, it all depends on your preferences..Sweet ain't it?


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